IRMA’s vision: a mining industry that respects human rights and aspirations of affected communities, provides safe, healthy and respectful workplaces, avoids or minimizes harm to the environment and leaves positive legacies.

The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) is establishing a multi-stakeholder and independently verifiable responsible mining assurance system that improves social and environmental performance.

Mining is a complex and intensive process that causes environmental and social change no matter where it occurs.

Founded in 2006 by a coalition of nongovernment organizations, businesses purchasing minerals and metals for resale in other products, affected communities, mining companies, and trade unions, IRMA is developing standards for environmental and social issues related to mining, including labor rights, human rights, indigenous peoples and cultural heritage, conflict response, pollution control and site closure.

IRMA expects to begin certifying mine sites in 2015 so that companies can support the mining of minerals and metals that is consistent with healthy communities and environments, and that leaves positive long-term legacies.

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IRMA Fundamentals

  • IRMA Standards are expected to be released for public consultation in 2014.
  • IRMA Standards are targeted only at industrial-scale mines, however, we seek to collaborate with initiatives for responsible small-scale and artisanal mining.
  • IRMA works across all locations, commodities and mine types. However, IRMA does not provide assurance for oil, gas, uranium and other energy fuels.
  • IRMA will collaborate with other sustainability standards initiatives for the extractives sector to provide complete solutions for certification, traceability and labeling.