With the arrival of the Standard for Responsible Mining, companies can have enhanced assurance that the minerals they purchase are mined responsibly.

For consumer-facing brands, investors, insurers, traders, smelters and other purchasers of mined material: a powerful new tool

Companies making products out of mined materials, and finance sector leaders investing in mines and mined materials, have sought better tools to reach back through their supply chains and ensure that environmental and social responsibility are being forwarded. IRMA offers a powerful new tool for these leaders to leverage their investments for greater good.

After being mined, materials like gold, tin, iron and others take complex journeys along very disparate supply chains. While value to mines participating in IRMA can be achieved just at the mine site (with investors, insurers and local stakeholders), it can be substantially enhanced by ensuring that value can be conveyed downstream, particularly to leading consumer-facing brands. 

Reflect your interest in responsible sourcing and investing: Put your company on the Responsible Mining Map

Using your own words, and communicating your company's particular interest in responsible sourcing, join other leading companies and not-for-profit/civil society groups on the Responsible Mining Map. Ensure that mining companies know that you value their effort to employ best practices to protect social and environmental values.

Building Partnerships for Added Value

While IRMA's focus is improved performance at the mine site level, we seek to collaborate with purchasers and colleague standard systems across the full chain of custody to provide complete and harmonized solutions for certification, traceability, labeling, supply chain risk-reduction and other connections.

IRMA works actively to partner with supply-chain organizations with sector-specific expertise and credibility including ResponsibleSteel, Responsible Jewellery Council, US Green Building Council, Responsible Business Alliance and others. We also seek to create shared recognition with other mine-level standards like the Mining Assocation of Canada's Toward Sustainable Mining program, to reduce costs, increase effiiciency and add greater value for the mines engaged in both programs. We also collaborate with leading organizations forwarding responsible practices and certification of artisanal scale (small scale) mining, like the Alliance for Responsible Mining.

IRMA helps purchasers and investors to:

  • Convey to suppliers/mines expectations of responsible practices for the environment, workers, and communities
  • Reduce supply chain risk and increase consistency in responsible sourcing
  • Attain label/claim achievements for market value 
  • Develop options for traceable chain of custody or other sourcing connections for materials
  • Collaborate with IRMA to create capacity building programs and incentives for more suppliers to improve performance in environmental and social responsibility
  • Work with IRMA on pilot projects seeking shared learning or improved solutions on particular mined materials, regions of the world, supply chain connections, ways to reduce particular impacts associated with mining, improve opportunities and capacity for suppliers or otherwise
  • Boost credibility with civil society

IRMA wants to better understand what downstream users of mined materials require for their responsible sourcing and supply chain due diligence. Please contact Aimee Boulanger, IRMA Coordinator, for further details about how your company can participate in an exploratory project.

IRMA Fundamentals

  • The IRMA Standard is targeted at industrial-scale mines.
  • IRMA works across all locations, commodities and mine types. However, IRMA does not provide assurance for oil, gas, uranium and other energy fuels.
  • IRMA collaborates with initiatives for responsible small-scale and artisanal mining.
  • IRMA collaborates with other sustainability standards initiatives for the extractives sector to provide complete solutions for certification, traceability, and labeling.

“We believe that using our brand to advocate for critical issues like responsible mining is one of the most important things we can do. Today, collaboration across sectors is necessary to drive systemic change. As a founding member of IRMA, working across sectors to strengthen mining standards, we are proud IRMA is close to launching its certification. We believe IRMA’s progress represents a significant step toward a global standard in responsible mining.”

Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer at Tiffany

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