The IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining

The new IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining (version 1.0) is now available

IRMA is pleased to announce the release of its Standard for Responsible Mining v.1.0. This new Standard is the culmination of a decade of work by diverse stakeholders to come up with a shared definition of responsible mining. IRMA will be testing the metrics and global applicability of this Standard during its 2018-2019 Launch Phase.

Download the new Standard for Responsible Mining.

Currently the Standard is available only in pdf format. Check back soon to view an on-line version, broken out by individual chapters. Later in the year, when independent auditing begins, IRMA will also release a version of the Standard that contains Explanatory Notes and Means of Verification to help auditors and mine sites better understand how to meet the requirements and types of evidence that can help demonstrate compliance with the requirements in the IRMA Standard.

The IRMA Standard is designed to support the achievement of four overarching principles, Business Integrity, Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility, and Planning and Managing for Positive Legacies. Learn more about the core Principles and Objectives of the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining.

Find out about the history of the development of the IRMA Standard, and view early drafts and IRMA's responses to stakeholder input by visiting the IRMA Standard Development Process page or our Frequently Asked Questions.

What's Next

June 2018 - June 2019:  Gathering input on IRMA Standard v.1.0 through Launch Phase Learning

  • IRMA does not intend to certify mines in 2018 based on the Standard for Responsible Mining v.1.0. IRMA will, however, offer Launch Phase self assessment and independent verification and scoring against the IRMA Standard. During its Launch Phase IRMA will be seeking input to improve the Standard for Responsible Mining to assure its relevance across geographic regions, mining methods, types of mined materials, social and political environments, diverse landscapes and mining company size. The Launch Phase will be a flexible learning mode to enable IRMA to identify gaps, clarify conflicting or confusing directions, refine requirements and their means of their verification, and continue to actively engage stakeholders in the Standard for Responsible Mining. The data, feedback and other input collected during the Launch Phase will be used to refine the content of the IRMA Standard.

2019:  Revision of the IRMA Standard based on Launch Phase Learning

  • An IRMA-sponsored multi-sector committee of technical experts will work with IRMA to incorporate feedback, data, and learning generated through Launch Phase self-assessments, independent audits and stakeholder input to create the Standard for Responsible Mining v.2.0.
  • Certification of achievement based on the Standard for Responsible Mining v.2.0 will be available in late 2019.

For more information view the Launch Phase Timeline or visit IRMA's Certification page.

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IRMA Fundamentals

  • The IRMA Standard is targeted at industrial-scale mines. IRMA collaborates with initiatives for responsible small-scale and artisanal mining.
  • IRMA works across all locations, commodities and mine types. However, IRMA does not provide assurance for oil, gas, uranium and other energy fuels.
  • IRMA collaborates with other sustainability standards initiatives for the extractives sector to provide complete solutions for certification, traceability and labeling.