Stakeholder Feedback

IRMA is striving to follow an extensive ISEAL-compliant stakeholder feedback process, including webinars and workshops with interested stakeholders, to gather input and respond to stakeholder suggestions and concerns. IRMA's intention is to hold at least two stakeholder consultation periods on the draft Standard prior to releasing a final version upon which certification will be based.


Stakeholder feedback on the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining (v.2.0)

IRMA released its first draft Standard for Responsible Mining in July 2014. A three-month public comment period was held to solicit input from stakeholders interested in responsible mining. Based on stakeholder feedback on the first draft of the IRMA Standard, input from external reviewers and IRMA Steering Committee members, and the results of IRMA's first field test of the draft Standard, a second draft (v.2.0) of the Standard for Responsible Mining was been created. IRMA released the second draft for public comment on 5 April 2016, and accepted comments until 30 June 2016.

The IRMA Steering Committee greatly appreciates all of the time and effort spent by IRMA stakeholders in commenting on the draft Standard. The IRMA Secretariat is now in the process of revising the Standard based on stakeholder feedback on the second draft, as well as the results of a second field test, which took place in March 2016.

IRMA is committed to transparency, but will respect the wishes of those who prefer to provide anonymous comments on the draft Standard for Responsible Mining or on IRMA's draft Policy on Association.  Review the IRMA privacy policy for more information.

View webinars on draft 2.0 of the IRMA Standard

In April, May and June of 2016, IRMA hosted a series of webinars to provide stakeholders with an overview of IRMA; information on the content of the second draft Standard for Responsible Mining (v.2.0); and an update on our plans for 2016 as we finalize a new certification program for industrial-scale mines. IN addition to a general webinar, we provided sessions that did a deeper dive into the content of the revised social chapters in the IRMA Standard, and the revised environmental chapters, with a particular emphasis on water quality. 

Interested stakeholders may visit our webinar page to view a recording of these and other webinars and download webinar slides.

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