Stakeholder Consultation Process

Stakeholder input on the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining (Drafts v.1.0 and v.2.0)

IRMA released its first draft Standard for Responsible Mining in July 2014 (draft v.1.0). A three-month public comment period was held to solicit input from stakeholders interested in responsible mining. Based on stakeholder feedback, input from external reviewers and IRMA Steering Committee members and the results of IRMA's first field test of draft v.1.0 of the Standard, a second draft (v.2.0) of the Standard for Responsible Mining was created. IRMA released the second draft for public comment on 5 April 2016, and accepted comments until 30 June 2016.

Throughout the many years of development of the Standard for Responsible Mining, IRMA has endeavoured to follow an extensive ISEAL-compliant stakeholder feedback process, including two field tests, expert working groups, webinars and workshops with interested stakeholders to gather input and respond to stakeholder suggestions and concerns.

IRMA is committed to transparency, but has respected the wishes of those who preferred to provide anonymous comments on the draft Standard for Responsible Mining or on IRMA's draft Policy on Association. Review the IRMA privacy policy related to stakeholder input on the IRMA Standard for more information.

The IRMA Steering Committee greatly appreciates all of the time and effort spent by IRMA stakeholders in commenting on the two versions of the draft Standard for Responsible Mining. The input submitted by more than 120 commenters helped to shape the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining (v.1.0), released in June 2018.

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