IRMA Privacy Policy for Stakeholder Input (July 2014 and April 2016)

This privacy policy explains how IRMA plans to use personal information and comments received from stakeholders on the July 2014 and April 2016 versions of the IRMA draft Standard for Responsible Mining.

1.  Use of personal information

In an effort to promote transparency, IRMA may list the names of survey respondents (and/or those who provide comments by other means) in some of our materials. The survey requires participants to provide their names, but allows the option of remaining anonymous. If you select this option, your name will be withheld from any published list of survey participants.

IRMA reserves the right to use comments with general attribution, for example: "a survey participant that works for the mining industry stated that. . ."  or, "a person who lives in a South Africa mining community said. . .".

There may also be cases where a commenter is affiliated with a particular organization or company, but his or her comments reflect personal opinions. The survey enables participants to tell us if they do not want their affiliation to be used. We will ensure that those who provide comments via other means are informed of their option to keep their affiliation private.

IRMA will not pass on personal information (names, contact information such as email addresses) to any other organizations or companies.

2.  Use of survey data and comments submitted to IRMA

IRMA may publish a collated summary of comments received on the draft IRMA Standard via its online survey or other means. This summary may identify commenters by name and/or affiliation, unless the commenter has asked to remain anonymous.

IRMA may publish a list of all organizations and companies who responded, as well as a list of individuals who did not ask to remain anonymous.

IRMA may publish a summary analysis of the stakeholders submitting comments (e.g., total number of commenters; commenters from different sectors; commenters from different regions; etc.).


If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us at: