IRMA is an answer to a global demand for more socially and environmentally responsible mining.

The new Standard for Responsible Mining v.1.0 is now available

Over the last ten years, leaders with very different perspectives on mining’s impacts in the world have worked together in good faith to create a shared definition of best practices in “responsible mining”. Help us test this in your region or on issues in which you’re most invested. Together we can create opportunities for market forces to be harnessed for good in creating greater value for responsible practices. Check out the new Standard for Responsible Mining

Put Your Company/Organization on the Responsible Mining Map

The Responsible Mining Map and the Standard for Responsible Mining v.1.0 serve as new tools connecting civil society groups with private sector leaders with shared interests to increase value for more responsible mining.

The Responsible Mining Map is an interactive tool that allows diverse stakeholders to identify and catalyze global progress in responsible mining. The Map shows leaders in the field of responsible mining, allows various stakeholder groups to highlight their interest in and need for responsibly mined materials, and increases transparency of mine site performance. It can be searched by company, mined material, stakeholder sector and more. It will be continually updated as mines reach new levels of achievement.

The IRMA Map

Are you on the map? If not, click here to find out more about the map and how to put your organization on the Responsible Mining Map. As more stakeholders populate the Responsible Mining Map, increased information will be available to help grow market value for more responsible practices.

Engage with IRMA During its 2018-2019 Launch Phase

In 2018 IRMA is launching in a learning-mode -- asking diverse stakeholders to help test metrics and improve systems to ensure IRMA’s accountability and value for all.

During IRMA's Launch Phase, mines will be offered opportunities to self-assess, and later in 2018 to have IRMA-approved independent auditors evaluate their performance and provide a score. These assessments will help to further test the metrics of the Standard for Responsible Mining at diverse sites globally, informing revisions to improve the Standard.

Click here or on the diagram to see a larger version of IRMA's Launch Timeline, and visit our Certification Page to find out more details on the Launch Phase Offerings.

Multi-Stakeholder Leadership: It's what makes IRMA special - and accountable to you.

The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) envisions a world where the mining industry respects the human rights and aspirations of affected communities, provides safe, healthy and supportive workplaces, minimizes harm to the environment, and leaves positive legacies. IRMA seeks to achieve its vision through the development of a multi-stakeholder definition of responsible mining (the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining), and a system that independently assesses and recognizes environmentally and socially responsible mine sites and creates value for responsible mining.

Of fundamental importance in IRMA is multistakeholder leadership. IRMA has a governance structure that guides equitable leadership of IRMA’s system by stakeholders with divergent perspectives. No single sector, organization, company or trade association has authority to make decisions that don’t work for other stakeholder groups. Rather, all must work together to understand difficult issues and points of conflict and seek shared solutions that can create value for, and be accountable to, all.

Learn more about IRMA's governance, and help us make sure your voice, and others, are heard.

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