Get on the IRMA Map

What is the Responsible Mining Map?

The Responsible Mining Map is an interactive tool that allows diverse stakeholders to identify global progress in responsible mining. The Map allows leaders from all stakeholder groups to be identified, grows market value for more responsible practices and increases transparency on mine sites.     

The Responsible Mining Map is continually updated as mines reach new levels of achievement. As more stakeholders populate the Responsible Mining Map, increased information is available to all and can be searched by material, issue, geographic region, stakeholder sector and more.

Who can participate?

All stakeholders/rights-holders are invited to participate in the IRMA Map. Mining companies, Purchasers and Civil Society groups and others will have the option to “Get on the Map” and demonstrate their role and interest in responsible mining as well as identify where they fall in the supply chain.  

  • Mines that use the IRMA on-line Self Assessment Tool (available in late July 2019), and later independent auditor-verified scoring, can Get on the Map for free.
  • Purchasers/investors can list their interest to source from and engage with mines seeking to improve practices.
  • Civil society (communities, NGOs, organized labor) can describe their work and interest to forward more responsible mining.
  • IRMA also welcomes standard and certification systems, academic institutions, governments, the financial sector, consultants and others who wish to share their interest and work on responsible mining.

Get on the Map

Interested parties will soon be able to register to get on the Responsible Mining Map through the map itself. Visit the Responsible Mining Map's "Get on the Map" page to find out more about how to register.

Today, you can get on the map by contacting IRMA directly at: